Who are the Kinky Bastards?

A trio of perverted minded people who enjoy adding alcohol to conversations, and discussing kinks.


Married, audiophilia and pretty badass, he and Red initially came up with the idea of a pro-kink podcast. Providing the comedic film and music industry standpoint, he is a DILF with plenty of former lovers and experiences to talk about. Goldenrod handles the audio for YKB.


A man of dark humor and enough sexual experience to write the best exotic novel, Red provides the educational and terminology to help educate Goldenrod, Miss Cake and listeners on wtf is going on in the sex world. He brings the alcohol and writes the haikus.


A young woman who spends far too much time in the fantasy realm, she digs through fanfiction searching for the right one for the podcast episode. Obsessed with Star Wars, video games and hentai, she is the pervy fangirl you’re searching for. She handles the graphic design and social media accounts for YKB.